Monday, August 17, 2009

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! I am in the top 5 for Spellbinders Pendant Project Contest! :) They just announced it on their blog this morning. So, you can check it out @ (click on the BLOG heading at the top of the page). It's alphabetical by first name, so I'm #2.
They chose my "Heritage" mini album. (To see the whole album, keep scrolling down on my blog, Spellbinders only posted the front & back page).
August 20 I'll know if I won the grand prize, which is $500 worth of dies, a die case & products from other companies, or 2-5 place which is $100 worth of dies. It's through, so they don't actually pick the winner----I've just got to think positive that it'll be me! :)
Whatever happens. . . they chose me, my work is posted on their blog, and I'm guranteed $100 worth of dies---not to bad if you ask me!!!

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  1. WHOOT TOOT!!!! way to go Rita, I too will be thinking happt thoughts for your number to be chosen!! great project love the paper and especially the Spellbinders dies. Terre