Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Well I hope you liked the latest posts to my blog. I'm off to Arizona on friday, so I won't have anything to post for awhile. But if you'd like to check out a new card of mine visit the "Graphic 45" gallery @ (I've posted a few cards there recently).
My niece is graduating from college, so we're "road tripping," it to AZ for that! Have you ever seen "National Lampoon's Vacation?" I imagine our trip being like the Griswalds' :)
My poor husband, Greg, has to take a 2 week Math Class for school (he's a teacher), so he's staying here in CO., and my 2 kids and I are going with my parents, to my sister, Terre's house in AZ. I'm so excited!!! :) It's been 6 years since we've been to AZ. I can't say I'm gonna love the heat, but I'm glad I get to see my family. We'll also get to see my brother's, Israel & Bob, and my Tias while we are there!!!! :)
I'm also visitng my former District Manager (from AVON), Cheri, so that'll be fun too! Cheri and her husband relocated to AZ awhile ago, so it'll be nice seeing them again. My son used to go with me to all the AVON meetings, since I stared selling when he was 1; he was so used to seeing Cheri, he started calling her 'Grandma Cheri.' :) He asks about her every now and then, why we don't see her anymore, so it'll be nice seeing her again, for him too!
After AZ, I have to catch up on my AVON deliveries and I also have a meeting to attend, so it might be August before you here from me again. :( But I will return......

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