Thursday, November 11, 2010

For her 4th birthday, my daughter, Deianeira wanted a Barbie cake. I tried my hardest to talk her into something else.....she is only 4 after all. What about Lady bugs, or Princess' or something? Nope! So, in the end it's a "Barbie/Princess cake."

This cake did not start off well. This is actually my second attempt. The first cake, after baking it, and letting it cool down, I discovered was raw in the middle! :( So, then it was off to Hobby Lobby to buy the actual doll cake pan. At first I tried using my glass measuring bowl (which I have seen done, I just don't know the trick to making it work apparently). The doll pan actually has a rod that goes in the middle to bake it evenly. Genius!

So with the cake made, I decided to take a short cut and bought pink (strawberry) icing, and edible glitter. You are suppose to use fondant, but I hate that stuff, so I actually made this harder on myself that it should've been. But in the end she loved it anyways!!! :)


  1. Hey Little D, your cake mommy made turned out the Barbie...hugs Aunt Terre

  2. Sooo sweet, Rita!!! I'm pretty sure this will be a birthday (& cake) she'll never forget!!! Great job!!! ;-)