Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I am posting my JFF Friday challenge early because #1. I won't be home on Friday, I will be in Ft. Collins, CO., for my brother in laws graduation from CSU. And #2. I can't figure out this "posting delay thing." You are suppose to be able to make a post, but pick a day/time for it to publish. Um....sure! I don't doubt that it's possible-----I just have not figured it out yet. :(

So, enjoy my "tag" and I will check out all the other designers creations when I get home! :)


  1. It's easy... just look down at the bottom left of your post and it says post on that and to the right you can put the day and time you want your blog post to be posted! Have a great trip see you at JFF.

  2. Well....that's what I do, and it never works. I hate computers sometimes!!! Terre said she'd just have to walk me through it sometime on the phone :p

  3. Make sure you hit "publish" after you change the date/time (ask me how I know! snort!!)